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Down the Pipe & Natty Lite - Episode 31: Apex Legends, Our Favorite Video Games of All Time, and Making the Case to Pay (or Not) College Athletes

We messed around and accidentally recorded basically two different podcasts in one episode.

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Marchie is out for this week, but Levi and Cole sat down and accidentally recording what basically became a double episode.

First up, Levi gave a short review of Forza Horizon 4. SPOILER ALERT: It’s really, really good.

Next, we answered the first of a three-part question from Twitter about Apex Legends, the newest challenger to Fortnite’s throne as the king of battle royale. We’ve both played Apex, so we gave our honest thoughts on the game, and a few reasons why we think it has staying power alongside a juggernaut like Fortnite. Speaking of our favorite building/getting shot in the face by eight-year-olds game, Cole and Levi discussed the current status of Fortnite, and why we’ve both stopped playing it.

The third part of the Twitter question asked if it’s fair to have a “greatest video games of all time” discussion without first separating by console or genre. As a follow-up, we ran through our top five favorite games of all time (or sort-of-five plus four honorable mentions in Levi’s case), and why each game made the list.

In the second part of this jam-packed episode, we take a look at Zion Williamson’s injury, and what it means for the “should college athletes be paid?” discussion. On 2/21/19, the NBA submitted a proposal to move the minimum age to declare for the draft from 19 to 18, which could potentially be implemented by the 2022 season. Since it appears that the NBA has decided to try to fix the most pressing issue involved in this situation, we decided to tackle another hot button issue: the case for paying (or not paying) college athletes.

In order to have a more interesting discussion on the topic, we played devil’s advocate, with Cole (a former player himself), providing the argument for paying college athletes, and Levi providing a counter argument. We ended up digging into the financial side of things, where the numbers may (or may not) surprise you.

You definitely will not want to miss this week’s episode.

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