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The Mid-Morning Dump: Back on Track Edition

The Cyclones finally got back to their winning ways Monday night

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THAT’S MORE LIKE IT Monday’s home win over Oklahoma was a much-needed bounce back victory.

HAD TO HAVE IT There was a sense of urgency all night at Hilton.

STEPPING UP Marial Shayok was determined to not go down without a fight.

SNAPPED OUT OF IT The win helped break the team out of a week-long funk.

THAT WAS IMPRESSIVE James Harden’s 30-point streak ended after 32 games.

IF IT AINT BROKE... The Lightning are trying to buck history by not making a deal at the trade deadline.

OUCH Former NFL second rounder Christian Hackenberg was benched in the AAF.

RUMOR MILL The Phillies reportedly offered Bryce Harper $300 million.