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The Mid-Morning Dump: Sooners Trimmed By Big Shayok Edition

Iowa State edged mature Oklahoma team last night.


UNABLE TO FINISH. That’s how the OU Daily describes what happened last night to Oklahoma, as Iowa State was victorious.

BIG BALLER Bridget Carleton has been named to the Late Season Wooden Award Top 20 list.

36 HOLES, 573 STROKES The golf team is tied for ninth after 36 holes Taglao Jeeravivitaporn and Alanna Campbell are the top Cyclones (both T22) with 143 strokes in two days.

NO. 23 The gymnastics team is nationally ranked after a 196.700 score last week in their meet.

KRISTAPS IS IN DALLAS And we’re not sure why Dallas.

STATISTICS ON WHO PLAYS FOOTBALL NPR has shared data from the National Federation of State High School Associations showing that low income students are the most likely to play football.

STRODE AND WASHINGTON Both L.A. Rams desegregated football, but who were these guys?

POUR SALA With the news that came out about the plane that Emiliano Sala was on being found, this video from FC Nantes’ game against Saint-Étienne is all the more sad.