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Classic Games in Cyclone Club Hockey History: 1975 vs. USA

A blowout exhibition win by a USA team that would finish fifth at Innsbruck in 1976 happens on a December night inside Hilton Coliseum.

Hot man on ice - U.S. Olympic team’s Dan Bolduc rushes puck past Iowa State defenseman Larry Saal in Sunday’s exhibition hockey game at Hilton Coliseum in Ames. Rolduc, from Harvard, scored four goals in first period as Olympians easily downed Cyclones, 22-1. It was most goals scored by Olympians in exhibitions this year. Olympians play at Waterloo Saturday night.
Dave Finch - Register
The Des Moines Register, 07 Dec 1975
The Des Moines Register, 08 Dec 1975

USA Hockey

The following Americans scored goals at both Innsbruck, Austria (in parentheses) and Hilton: Rob Harris (1), Steve Alley (1) Dan Bolduc (2), Bob Dobek (3), Steve Sertich (4) and Steve Jensen (6).

USA Hockey

Jim Warden, the goalie, would save 224/245 shots in the Olympics.