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The Mid-Morning Dump: The 2018 College Football Season is Officially Over

Name the band.

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I WANT YOU Iowa State only signed one player yesterday for the second National Signing Day, but they’re not done yet.

BLACK DIAMOND Iowa State is in a position to be the first non-Kansas team to win the Big 12 regular season title in a decade and a half, but they have a few other people to deal with. Here’s a look at what each contender has left on their schedule.

PUT YOU IN PLACE Matt Campbell talked about some of the offseason storylines we’ve been seeing, including coaching staff changes.

KEEP ME WAITING Iowa State is just on the edge of becoming a tournament lock.

CHANGE THE EARTH Is Hakeem Butler the answer to the Redskin’s passing woes?

DRIVE We already know that David would be perfect for the Chiefs.

MOVE Today is the NBA trade deadline. Here’s your tracker to keep up on everything.

HATE LOVE Kevin Durant is not happy with the media right now.

SO WHAT IF YOU GO Yesterday was National Signing Day vol. 2, so here are the winners and losers from yesterday.