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Down the Pipe & Natty Lite - Episode 29: The Quandry of Isheem Young, the Perception of Offense in Football and Basketball, and the Mavs’ Rosters Moves

Was Matt Campbell right in giving Isheem Young a second chance?

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NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Championship-Iowa State vs West Virginia Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa State picked up a nice Big 12 road win along their journey to claim the Big 12 regular season title, so we talked a little about the game, as well as what Lagerald Vick’s departure from the Kansas basketball team means for the outlook on the rest of the season.

This week, Matt Campbell signed Isheem Young, a former four-star safety with an impressive offer list that includes names like Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, LSU, and Ohio State, but also a checkered past that includes an armed robbery charge. Levi, Cole, and Marchie give their thoughts on the newest Cyclone, and what the mindset is behind offering a scholarship to a kid with such a checkered past. Is giving him a second chance the right move?

Next, we took a look at what the national perception of offense looks like in college basketball and college football, and why they seem to differ so much. Why is an offense like Oklahoma’s belittled with the (easily debunked) “Big 12 doesn’t play defense narrative,” while high-powered college basketball offenses are simply regarded as being extremely talented or having a great scheme? Levi has a theory about where the difference might be coming from.

Steph Curry basically changed the modern game of basketball by himself, with his emergence as the league’s greatest-ever shooter coinciding with the advent of advanced analytics, and teams now looking for and taking more threes than ever. Has the NFL ever seen an individual player completely change the game and how it approaches game-planning like Michael Jordan or Steph did? Could it ever?

To wrap up the conversation, Marchie gave his thoughts on his Dallas Mavericks and all of their trade deadline moves, one of which included shipping Ames-native Harrison Barnes off to the Kings.

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