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The Mid-Morning Dump: MLB Opening Day

Name the band.

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SHADOWS IN RED The Cyclones are involved in with Alabama transfer guard Kira Lewis, whom they previously targeted coming out of high school.

PRODIGAL SON Iowa State made the final cut for French point guard Clarence Nadolny.

TERMINATOR In case you didn’t love Hakeem Butler enough already, Football Outsiders put together just about the hypest scouting report you’ve ever seen.

SEASONS Let’s take a look at each position battle, and how it’s playing out so far in spring practice.

RECONNECT Today is Opening Day! Here’s a complete schedule with starting pitchers.

THE LAST SONG After 11 NFL seasons, Jordy Nelson has decided to retire. Is a Hall of Famer?

GRASSHOPPER Now that he’s conquered the Premier League, Tottenham star Harry Kane says he wants to be an NFL kicker in 10 years.

REDEFINE Today’s postgame routines in the NHL are much different the “beer and cigarettes” it used to be.