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The Mid-Morning Dump: Michigan Wolololololverines Edition

Texas Tech v. Michigan and Virginia v. Oregon were the best games last night. Tennessee vs. Purdue who?


MOUNTAINVIEW COLLEGIATE BREEDS CONFIDENCE. Following a record shattering win at the MountainView Collegiate, ISU WGolf has obtained newfound confidence.

PORTSMOUTH INVITATIONAL. Seniors Shayok and Weiler-Babb were invited in the Portsmouth Invitational.

EXTENSION. Coach Fennelly has a new contract.

TENNESSEE V. PURDUE. Holy heck this was the only memorable game of the tourney.


SHEESH TACO TECH. The tortilla tossers destroyed Michigan.

OPENING DAY. What was your favorite moment(s) from yesterday? OP doesn’t really follow baseball and is interested in what you have as takeaways from day one.