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Down the Pipe & Natty Lite - Episode 36: Social media etiquette and “Is March Madness actually the worst postseason in sports?”

It’s the offseason, so we’re beginning our somewhat-new summer format.

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Ohio State v Iowa State Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Now that we’re officially in the offseason, Down the Pipe is going to transition to a more discussion-based format, where we tackle issues beyond Iowa State athletics, whether it be other sports around the country or world, or issues completely outside of the sports universe (don’t worry, politics won’t be included).

Marchie is out this week as he flies home from Iowa State’s pro day, so Levi and Cole held down the fort.

First, we talk about the role of social media in sports today, noting the particularly poisonous end of the basketball season, where a small, but vocal minority of the fan base was calling for the firing of Steve Prohm, going so far as to even tag him in their tweets of frustration. Where should the line be drawn on social media interactions between fans, players, coaches, and prospects? Cole also dished on a story regarding one fan’s creative way to criticize him.

Next, we examined Levi’s hot take that March Madness might actually be the worst postseason in sports. Does all of the excitement around upsets and buzzers overshadow the severe flaws in the format of the tournament and its ability to select a champion? Is the inevitable disappointment of a crushing tournament loss to end the season for all but one team really as great as we make it out to be?

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