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Here’s the Best NFL Fit for David Montgomery

There are a few teams David Montgomery would be a perfect fit on

NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Iowa State vs Washington State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are several NFL teams that would love to have David Montgomery’s services next season, so we’ll take a look at what teams fit the ball better than others. Based on either scheme or need, I’ve identified four teams that Montgomery would be most successful with, and a few others that could end up being a real possibility.

As it sits today, Montgomery is slated anywhere from a high end first round selection to as low as the fourth round. His combine and pro day results from this past weekend will go a long way in determining exactly what round he will fall in. Most NFL teams know what type of player they will get if they select David Montgomery, but much like the rest of this draft, most teams don’t have a major need at the running back position and will more than likely go another direction in the first few rounds, which could leave Montgomery falling back a bit.

Only time will tell how it will all play out, but let’s take a look at some teams that could potentially be a fit for David Montgomery.

Best Fits

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are the obvious choice here. After Kareem Hunt was released, the Chiefs had a glaring hole at the running back position. They did have a few serviceable bodies that carried them the rest of the way, but David Montgomery fits perfectly into the scheme and his talents are very similar to Kareem Hunt.

You can see in the above and below clips that there are some similarities in Iowa State’s offense and Kansas City’s. The fun part is that these plays are practically the same, and Kareem Hunt and David Montgomery both make similar type plays to escape the first hit. The ability to create on his own, paired with a quarterback that does the same, could make Kansas City’s offense even more potent, if that is even possible.

Chicago Bears

Much like the Chiefs, the Bears are another good fit scheme-wise. The current running back situation is the only hindering factor here as the Bears currently have Jordan Howard as their main workhorse and Tarik Cohen as their all around back. However, rumors are flying that the Bears may be looking to ship Howard out for a draft pick. If David Montgomery were to fall to the third round, which is the Bears’ current first pick. I don’t see any negative impact of David Montgomery playing in the Windy City.

The Bears want to have a capable running back that fits Matt Nagy’s system to put on the field the same time as Tarik Cohen. Seen above, Cohen slips out for a screen and runs wide open down the field. Below, David Montgomery does the same. The Bears could use both Cohen and Montgomery similarly in the screen game, while also using David Montgomery’s vision and elusiveness to bust open their rushing attack.

Philadelphia Eagles

Scheme is the biggest factor here, once again. Much like the Chiefs and Bears, I think Montgomery would thrive in the Eagles offense. Interestingly enough, all of these top options are either Any Reid or a former assistants of Reid. The Eagles may not be looking at running back as a top priority in the draft, but they definitely don’t have that top option at the position. I would have considered Montgomery a long shot to the Eagles before the scouting combine but after a private meeting and a ton of buzz in Philly, Montgomery could very well get a long look from the Eagles.

Baltimore Ravens

This one has great potential to be really fun. The Ravens have had a carousel at running back over the last few seasons and after the release of Alex Collins over the weekend the Ravens are now needing a running back. With Lamar Jackson coming into his second year, they need a three-down running back that can block. David Montgomery has the ability to make an instant impact on pass blocking for Baltimore, while also having the ability to roll out of the backfield for checkdowns. With Jackson’s running ability, defenses would struggle to pick which option to defend against.

Honorable Mentions

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins currently have a loaded backfield, but definitely need upgrades all over the field. The Dolphins have other needs in the first few rounds but if in fact David Montgomery falls, the Dolphins could be lurking.

Oakland Raiders

Marshawn Lynch is set to become a free agent, and no one knows if the Raiders will be resigning him. Regardless, the Raiders are in need of a workhorse running back, and lord knows they have plenty of draft picks. Though I hope this won’t be true, the Raiders certainly are a dark horse.