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The Mid Morning Dump: This is a Disaster

The women showed up in Austin, the men did not.

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BARF The Cyclones played one of their worst games of the season at Texas.

CW’S TAKE Chris says that Iowa State hit rock bottom on Saturday.

SILVER-LINING The women are one game away from a second place finish, thanks to a dominant performance against Texas.

COMBINE MONSTER Hakeem Butler is impressing everyone at the NFL combine.

DAVID, TOO He didn’t blow anyone away, but that shouldn’t change his stock.

ABSOLUTE UNIT This big fella ran a very fast 40 yard dash.

SOFT Trae Young got ejected on a very weak call (ESPN is very upset.)

JOEY BRACKETS In his latest bracket, he has Iowa State as a 5 seed in the west region.

GET BETTER ROY The North Carolina coach collapsed on the court, but he says he is going to be fine.