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The Mid-Morning Dump: -9 After Two Rounds of the Colleton River Collegiate

Men’s Golf look to finish on the podium in Bluffton, South Carolina, today.


COLLETON RIVER COLLEGIATE. Iowa State golf is in second place and four strokes out of the lead after a -13 performance on Monday.

CARLETON SHINES IN COLLEGIATE HOME FINALE. Bridget Carleton finished with 20 points in her last game at Hilton.

INFERIOR CORN LOSES AGAIN. Iowa State’s tennis team went to Lincoln and won there for the first time since 1995 over the weekend.

BOS SAC FLY WALK-OFF. The Bos (Kaylee Bosworth) helped beat the Coyotes 2-1 Sunday at the Lopes Up Classic hosted at Grand Canyon University.

14 WINNERS AND 5 LOSERS FROM THE NFL COMBINE. Hakeem is mentioned as neither, but just he “stood out”.

WHICH ANIMAL WOULD BE HARDEST TO COVER? Alex Kirshner decided to ask collegiate DBs that question. If any of you readers have input, please comment below!

TOUGH LOSS FOR OUR BULLDOG BRETHREN. Freshman guard, D.J. Wilkins has broken his ankle. Wilkins has been averaging 11.1 Pts, 3.0 Reb, 2.8 Ast per game.

A SOCIOLOGY PROFESSOR EXPLAINS WHY SOCCER IS BAD AT ADDRESSING RACISM. That’s way too long of a preview for this hyperlink, but as a sociology minor, this article is intriguing to me and hopefully you, the reader.