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The Wide Right & Natty Litecast: Randomness Abounds

This episode was a lot of fun.

This weeks episode of the WRNLcast is, well. Possibly our best work yet.

Matthias and JakeBrend32 were joined by Levi, Jar_Lar, and eventually CYHusker to talk about a multitude of random things, with a very slight amount of basketball sprinkled in.

The crew broke down what went wrong during the Texas game (Hint - ball movement and ISO ball), and eventually got around to the outlook for the rest of March and a preview of the West Virginia Game.

Steve Prohm’s coaching style was discussed, as were potential lineup changes, in addition to ranting about fan expectations and social media.

The much of the podcast, however, was spent discussing virtually anything and everything else, including conspiracy theories regarding new Twitter accounts bashing Steve Prohm, potato chip flavors, favorite doughnuts, and a few other listener questions.