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The Mid Morning Dump: And Then There Were Four

This Elite Eight was an all-timer.

SPLIT The softball team took on the 15th ranked Red Raiders, they won on Saturday and fell on Sunday.

MOTIVATION Get a sneak peak at ISU’s spring practice with Eli Rasheed mic’d up.

HE’S BACK Catch up with Tom Manning, who is back from a year in the NFL.

CONGRATS? Fred Hoiberg is the new coach of Nebrasketball.

DRUNK ON TACOS Texas Tech is going to their first ever Final Four.

ALL-TIMER Virginia sent the game to OT on a clutch shot in an instant classic.

REAL CLASSY I cringed the entire time while watching this presser.

A ROLLERCOASTER Bryce Harper went from getting booed to sending a couple homers to the upper deck. Welcome to Philly, Bryce!