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Down the Pipe & Natty Lite - Episode 38: Media Deals, the Spring Football Game, and VEISHEA

Should we bring back the spring game and VEISHEA?

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This week, the Big 12 struck a new digital media deal with ESPN, which will gives all third tier broadcasting rights (one nonconference football game, a couple basketball games, and everything else) to the new ESPN+ platform. Iowa State won’t join for another year in order to let their current deal with run out, but all of the sporting events that used to be broadcast on will now be on ESPN+. We talked about what the future might look like for Big 12 media, and what some options might be. Could Netflix be the home of Big 12 athletics sometime in the next ten years?

Next, Marchie made the case for why Iowa State NEEDS to have a spring football game. From recruiting to fan experience, the spring football game is a great opportunity to show off a program that’s surrounded by more excitement than it has been in a long time, maybe ever.

Finally, we talked about VEISHEA on the five-year anniversary of its death, what the legacy of the celebration is, and whether or not we should look at bringing it back. What should Iowa State do?

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