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The Official Connor Assalley Nickname List

Our beloved kicker was gifted with one of the greatest names in sports.

This year, Iowa State kicker Connor Assalley took over the starting spot, and kicked the hearts of America straight through the uprights with one of the greatest names in sports.

“Ass Alley” is obviously a great nickname, but we thought we’d look at the offical USPS list of recognized street suffixes and get more creative.

  • Anus Anex
  • Booty Bayou
  • Badonkadonk Bluff
  • Butt Boulevard
  • Byp Ass
  • Caboose Court
  • Culo Causeway
  • Derriere Divide
  • Dumper Drive
  • Fanny Freeway
  • Fartbox Fork
  • Gluteus Maximus Glen
  • Moneymaker Motorway
  • Posterior Parkway
  • Poop-chute Promenade
  • Rump Road
  • Tuchus Trail
  • Turd-cutter Turnpike
  • Tush Terrace
  • Wazoo Way

Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list, so we’d love to add your suggestions to it.