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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tonight Could Be the Night

Name the band.

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BETTER STRANGERS Matthew Bain answers some extremely important recruiting questions.

TEN TONNE SKELETON Here’s a not-that-long list of every Iowa State player taken in the NFL Draft.

COME ON OVER Tonight could be the night where Hakeem Butler breaks Iowa State’s almost five-decade-long streak of not having anyone taken in the first round of the NFL Draft.

SLEEP In one of the craziest Stanley Cup Playoffs in history, the Carolina Hurricanes took down the defending champs in double overtime in Game 7.

LIGHTS OUT Georges Niang and Utah Jazz were eliminated from the playoffs last night by the Houston Rockets.

LOOSE CHANGE Tyreek Hill will not be facing charges in the domestic abuse involving his son. The police do think a crime occurred, but don’t have enough evidence to determine who committed it.

OUT OF THE BLACK Somehow, Chelsea controls their Champions League qualification destiny after Arsenal has an even worse day.