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The Mid-Morning Dump: Murray Goes Flying

Kyler Murray is headed to Arizona

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WHEEL IN TO AMES. Sahvir Wheeler is down to just Iowa State and Georgia.

HOIBALL IMPACT. How does Hoiberg at Nebraska impact Iowa State?

CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF. The Men’s golf team will begin post season play at the Big 12 Championships.

MURRAY TO ARIZONA. Kyler Murray is a Cardinal and Rosen may need a new job.

DID THE GIANTS MESS UP? The Giants selected Duke QB Daniel Jones with the 6th pick and their fans are not thrilled.


DRAFT GOING VEGAS. Most of the picks next year won’t stay in Vegas though.

MADDEN COVER. NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes will be on the cover of Madden.

NOT GOING AWAY. Things may get worse for Tyreek Hill in a hurry.