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2019 UDFA Profile: Brian Peavy

One of the best cover corners in Iowa State history has a good chance of being drafted this weekend.

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Brian Peavy was a four year starting cornerback for Iowa State. Throughout his upperclassmen years, Peavy was ranked among the top cover men in the country by PFF. Despite being undersized, he competed at a high level in the most explosive passing league in the country. Peavy is an underdog and will look to prove a lot of teams and scouts wrong in his professional career.

Position: Cornerback

Height: 5’9

Weight: 194 Lbs

Hometown: Houston, Texas

NFL Draft Projections: 6th Round to Undrafted

Senior Stats: 1 interception, 8 Pass Deflections, 57 Total Tackles, 4 TFL, 3 Fumbles Forced

Career Stats: 6 Interceptions, 38 Pass Deflections, 289 Total Tackles, 15 TFL, 6 Fumbles Forced

Games to Watch: vs TCU (2017), vs Iowa (2017)


Quickness is the best part of his game, it allows him to keep with smaller and faster receivers. He is also super tough for a smaller guy. Throughout his career he rarely got beat over the top. He almost always puts himself in great position to make a play, even if he is sometimes outmatched physically. Peavy is very disciplined when it comes to not biting on routes, but also aggressive when the ball is in his area.

Peavy doesn’t have elite stats because most teams avoided him throughout his junior and senior season. Advanced analytics, like our friends at, rated him as their second best cornerback in the country this past season.


His size is clearly his biggest weakness. He stand at just 5’9, that was small when he was in college, but it’s even more of a disadvantage at the pro level. It is something that can be overcome, but it will more than likely cause NFL teams to overlook him. Because of this, he was an average open-field tackler, but he makes up for it when the play is in front of him.

WRNL Draft Prediction

With the first two gone by, Peavy hasn’t been drafted yet. That’s not surprising at all but I think he will go in the 7th round. He doesn’t have that high of a ceiling because of his measurable, but his instincts and toughness makes his floor pretty high. Odds are that one team will take a chance on him in one of the later rounds, just because he was one of the best defensive backs in the country for the past two seasons.

There isn’t one specific team to keep your eye on because most teams are just filling depth at this point instead of glaring needs. But my best guess would be that a team like the Patriots, who have four seventh round picks, will take a chance on Peavy.