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The Mid Morning Dump: Draft Wrap-up

David and Hakeem found their future homes.

WINDY CITY A’INT READY David Montgomery is now a Chicago Bear.

BIG 12 CONNECTION Hakeem Butler will play for Kliff Klingsbury while catching passes from Kyler Murray on the Cardinals.

DON’T FORGET BRIAN Former Iowa State cornerback, Brian Peavy, will also get his chance to join the Big 12 Party in Arizona.

CYCLONE COMPETITION Matthew Eaton signed with Green Bay as an UDFA, he will compete for a spot with Allen Lazard.

TWO-FACE TEAMS Willie Harvey will get his chance on two different teams.

NEXT DREW BREES Kyle Kempt got a training camp invite to New Orleans.

NUGGS BABY!!! Sorry Spurs fans, but Monte and the Nuggets are headed to the conference semis. Game 7 even had a crazy ending.

OUTMATCHED The Bucks did not look like the top seed against the Celtics.

A SURPRISE TO BE SURE Any team that beats the Yankees makes it a welcome one.