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The Mid-Morning Dump: 2019 Gymnastics Hype

Sydney Converse is back after a 2018 injury.


LOOKING FORWARD. Burns, Russ and Converse look to have a great 2019-20 gymnastics season.

NEW PODCAST! Wide Right Remembers is a new series, please, drop your suggestions of games (maybe 1895 vs. Butte AC?) for us to remember/me to research.

RAPTORS DROP GAME TWO. They started cold and that’s what ended their game hopes tonight.

MONTÉ’S BLAZER REVENGE. The Nuggets are beating the Trailblazers at time of submission.

BLUES STILL PERFECT The St. Louis Blues upheld their perfect road record this postseason after taking down the Dallas Stars, 4-3.

WE HAVE A PROBLEM The Houston Rockets will not stop complaining about “unfair” officiating.