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Down the Pipe & Natty Lite - Episode 37: The New Joker, Cole’s New Diet, and Nipsey Hussle

What were your thoughts on the newest iteration of the Joker?

In the second episode of our summer format, Levi, Marchie, and Cole start off the show talking about the new Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix after the first trailer was released this week. All three saw a lot of promise in the trailer, but how should we go about watching the movie in comparison to the other Jokers we’ve seen, like Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, and Jack Nicholson?

Next, Cole revealed his new diet that he’s trying called the “Daniel Plan,” which heard about from Avengers star Chris Pratt (In a YouTube video. We are not friends with Andy Dwyer.) Marchie talked a little bit about what his diet looked like in college and in an NFL training camp, with Levi contrasting with the dieting plights of the average Joe. You may be surprised how similar the challenges in selecting a healthy diet are between the three.

Finally, Marchie wanted to pay his respects to Nipsey Hussle, a rapper who was recently killed, specifically his role in helping the people of his LA community. Nipsey owned several businesses in the area that helped former felons get jobs after their release, and sold basic items that the community badly needed. Nipsey was also scheduled to meet with the LAPD and LA County Sheriff to work together and figure how both parties could go about reducing gang violence in Los Angeles.