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The Mid-Morning Dump: Friday Dumps are the Best Dumps

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Cheers to the weekend, folks.


IOWA UNITED. Hopefully things work out better for this group than it did for Hilton Tragic Legends.

MUCH WAILING AND GNASHING OF TEETH. Iowa State is apparently interested in Isaiah Moss, and the news broke on social media in predictable fashion.

RECRUITING MAILBAG. What’s next for the Cyclones moving forward?

RISING AND TUMBLING. Cool feature from 24/7 on which teams are headed up or down in 2019.

I’M NOT SELLING. The fan who caught Albert Pujols’s 2000 RBI baseball won’t give it up.

LETS GET PHYSICAL. Two long-time Seattle Seahawks were released after failing their physicals.

KD OUT INDEFINITELY. Kevin Durant will likely be out until late in the western conference finals.

$5 TICKETS, ANYONE? In an effort to boost low attendance, which is a league-wide issue, the Minnesota Twins sold a pile of tickets for 5 dollars.

PHILADELPHA LIKES THE 76ER’S AGAIN. Man, playing for a sports team in Philly would suck.

IS GAME OF THRONES BAD NOW? Short answer – no one knows either way.

NUGGETS ON NUGGEST-BLAZERS. This series is very interesting and sadly monumentally unimportant.