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Sportsbooks are good to go in Iowa

Big day for degenerate bettors in Iowa.

Bettors everywhere in Story County now get to rejoice.

Long-gone are the days of using sketchy offshore accounts. Say goodbye to the two week waiting period of cashing out your first win on Bovada for a check that looks so far from the future that the T-1000 himself sent it to you.

Sports books are now legal in the state of Iowa.

The long and storied history of sports gambling in the U.S. is a different place and different time discussion but here’s what’s important as far as it relates to people in the Cyclone State.

Last month with bipartisan support, legislation was passed that allowed for the legalization of sports betting in the state. This, of course, came after the Supreme Court ruling last year that struck down the federal ban on sports betting.

With Kim Reynolds signing this into an official law, it now means that the casinos across the state can start opening up their doors for taking sports bets as soon as July or August. Iowa is now the third state to enact such laws in 2019, joining Montana and Indiana as the other two.

The new laws would allow for anyone over the age of 21 to legally place a bet in any of the casino sports books or online after proof of age. The law also allows for the legalization of apps like DraftKings and FanDuel to be used freely.

Most estimates believe that the the added tax revenue of sports gambling will bring in somewhere around the $2.3-4 million dollar range.

So congrats to all the parlay lovers, future seekers and those already staring at the 300:1 odds Iowa State sits at to win the NCAA championship in football. the time has finally come for you to delete that sketchy bookie’s phone number.