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The Mid-Morning Dump: NISC Looming

Hey uh, remember that geology final from last week? Totally bombed it but finished with an A- in the class.


LOUISVILLE REGIONAL The men’s golf team is two strokes behind fifth place (advancing position) after day one. Tripp Kinney is T8 after a 69 on the day.

CYCLONE IN THE WNBA Bridget Carleton scored five points last night in the Connecticut Sun’s 100-66 preseason victory.

NISC The Cyclone Softball team has been invited to the National Invitational Softball Championship, and will face either South Dakota or Purdue Thursday at 4 p.m.

HE STAY At least, I really hope Kawhi stays.

zoom zoom Matthew Boling, Georgia commit, has some real scoot to his boot.

THE RICH GET RICHER New England has a stable of backs that is hardly seen in the league.