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The Mid-Morning Dump: NBA Lottery Madness

Things got weird last night.


IOWA STATE RENAMES AWARDS. Iowa State has renamed their awards for male and female athletes of the year.

SHAYOK TO NBA COMBINE. Marial did enough to earn himself an NBA Combine invite.

ALL OTHER DUTIES. Matt Campbell and Kevin Dresser took their roles to another level yesterday.

THE CRAZIEST LOTTERY. What went down in the craziest lottery to date.

THE PELICANS?!?! The Pelicans won the Zion sweepstakes and their ticket office was pumped.

NEW MOCK DRAFT. This will be very accurate when the draft happens.

STEPH GOES OFF. Steph Curry led the Warriors to a game one win over Portland.

BILL NYE IS MAD! How I missed this for two days is crazy.