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The Mid-Morning Dump: PEDS are bad mkay!

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Don’t do drugs, kids.


DOWNING TO START. Redshirt freshman Trevor Downing will be in the mix to start.

WITT BACKS OFF GOPHERS. Aaron Witt decomitts from Minnesota, schedules Iowa State visit.

SHAYOK WORKING HARD. Marial Shayok is trying for the NBA the hard way.

REGISTER TODAY! Register today for the first ever Actually Helping Farmers Golf Outing!

BATMAN SPARKLES. Batman is now going to be from Twilight!

LIVIN THE BEST LIFE. John Daly is going all in at the PGA Championship.

PEDS ARE BAD! Patrick Peterson is suspended 6 games for the violating the NFL drug policy.

GAME 2 RECAP. The Warriors snuck by the Trailblazers late last night, here is a the recap.