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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclones Getting National Attention

Name the band.

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GONNA RAISE HELL Ashley Joens is headed to the Womens U19 World Cup team trials.

WON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER ...and Bridget Carleton is officially off to Connecticut. How did she spend her last day in Ames? About how you’d expect.

STIFF COMPETITION Men’s Golf is headed back to the NCAA Regional for the sixth time in eight years.

SO GOOD TO SEE YOU Royce White was the first overall pick in last night’s Big 3 Draft.

JUST GOT BACK A year after a major fire burnt down his house, Nah’shon Hyland is back to getting high-major interest, including from Iowa State.

CLOCK STRIKES TEN The Kentucky Derby favorite, Omaha Beach, was scratched from the race due to a breathing issue.

OH, CANDY Lionel Messi is still a damn magician.

OH CAROLINE Carolina’s Surge celebration became one of the best things in hockey this season.