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WRNL Top 10 Summer Beers 2019

We’ve complied a small list of beers for this summer. Enjoy your beer and the crappy, low-budget photo shop!

The sun is shining. The blue jays are cackling. The air smells of LP and gas grills. The lawn needs mowed, but you’ve worked all damn day. It’s hot out; all you want is a beer! Well, if you are into beer and letting the lawn wait, we’re glad you’re here!

Check out below for WRNL’s Top 10 Beers to try for the summer of 2019. Leave any of your suggestions in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our contest we are running for a chance at a FREE 12 PACK OF BEER and A KOOZIE!!! We’d love to see you decked out in Iowa State gear drinking. Have a wonderful summer!

Bottoms Up and go Cyclones!

1. Naturdays by Anheuser Busch; ABV 4.2%; Recommended by Levi

This would not be a WRNL Top Ten Beer list without arguably one of the more popular and intriguing beers of the 2019 year. Natty released their “Naturdays” three months ago and has hit stores prior to the summer. If you haven’t heard of it, then you probably don’t have cable, a good social media account, a vehicle, and/or friends. You must be a Hawkeye. Naturdays are for the boys and girls!

2. Soak’d by West O’ Beer; ABV 5.7%

Just released this early spring, West O’ out of Okoboji came out with a pale ale infused with pineapple. I personally had this from one of their first tappings from a growler, and it was delicious. It has a citrus smell to it and, yes, you can taste the pineapple. It is not over powering, however. Try this on the water this summer, you lake rats! Let’s get soaked!

3. Kolsch by Zipline Brewing; ABV 5.4%; Recommended by CyHusker

Everybody loves beer, especially German beer. Kolsch by Zip Line is a must have this summer. This beer is the straw yellow color and everything good about a Kolsch. Starts off with a fresh smell of almost that of wet grass, followed by a malty flavor and finished with some fruitiness.

4. No Coast by Peace Tree; ABV 7.25%; Recommended by CloneTeach

This beer is available year round and brewed right here in Iowa. Brewed with several types of hops this one is sure to soothe your beads of sweat this summer!

5. Lagunitas DayTime American IPA; ABV 4%; Recommended by Austin

Who doesn’t want a beer called “DayTime”? Let me rephrase that: who doesn’t like to drink a beer during the day time? Lagunitas has a great line of beers including DayTime. If you want to cut out a few calories, but want that American IPA flavor, you won’t be disappointed here. Let’s drink during the day time... I mean... let’s drink some DayTime!!!

6. Sequench Ale by Dogfish; ABV 4.9%; Recommended by ryanstives

For you true beer nerds out there, you can read into this one, but this one is complex in the brewing process, with three different kinds of beer blended into one. In a nutshell this is a light, sour beer. It has been highly regarded on many websites and our very own ryanstives loves it. The Kolsch drowns out the sourness of it, but a great beer for the summer of 2019.

7. Color TV by Big Grove; ABV 7.8%

These hazy IPAs are becoming the hip thing to do, but I can’t stray away from this. It’s good. This double IPA has the citrus flavor, but is dry-hopped. This one has been going fast!

8. Passion Fruit by New Belgium; ABV 4.3%

These Kolsch styles has hit the market and people love them. This Passion Fruit Kolsch by New Beligum is combination of different flavors. It has the Kolsch style to it with the pale yellow color and malty first sip. But the smell comes off more as fruity and the finish is almost sour-like, but more bitter.

9. Da Shootz! by Deschutes; ABV 4%

As the name implies, Deschutes Brewery has created Da Shootz! This is an American Pilsner that is bubbly, citrusy, malty, and light. One you can keep on drinking!

10. Sierraveza by Sierra Nevada; ABV 5%

Sierra Nevada looked to Mexican style beers for some help on this one. I’m a fan of Dos Equis and Pacifico. Very similar in taste but already almost a hint of lime flavor to it. Easy to find and easy to drink!

Bonus “Beer”

White Claw Hard Seltzer Lime; ABV 5%

Okay, okay. Before you get on my ass, try this one. Try all of the White Claws. My wife loves them and I had to try them. The lime is probably my favorite. Extremely easy to suck down, low calories (100), and decent ABV. It’s light and an easy buzz.

There is our Top 10, plus one, beers to try this summer! Remember to comment below or on Facebook with your summer beer picks. We want to try them all!