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The Mid-Morning Dump: Offseason and the Blues Edition

Name the band.

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A NEW LEADER. Tripp Kinney is heading to his third straight NCAA Golf Championship appearance, which starts on Friday.

KNIGHTS FROM THE SOUTH SIDE. Ashley Joens is filling in the footsteps of Bridget Carleton (happy birthday Bridget!) following a strong freshman season.

DON’T FAIL ME DARKO. Iowa State football is being tabbed by lots of the national media magazines to finish third in the Big 12 Conference this fall.

FROM THE DEEPEST DARKNESS. We would like to hear how we, WRNL, are serving you, the reader. If you have time, please fill out our eight question survey. Thank you!

ONE SHINING PENNY. Coach Hardaway of Memphis his brought in an all-star freshman class. (this isn’t a song title)

INTO THE SLAUGHTER BASEMENT. Toronto went off against Milwaukee last night winning Game 4 120-102.

NU BEGINNING. The Stanley Cup Finals are set and either the St. Louis Blues will win or the Boston Bruins will.