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The Mid-Morning Dump: Wrapping Up the Tailgate Tour

Jared stole my “Name the band” yesterday, so we’re just gonna be boring today.

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DPNL Jay Jordan (52 Trap) will be joining Down the Pipe & Natty Lite for this week’s episode!

LITECAST Marcus Fizer joined the Litecast this week!

OUTING Don’t forget to register for the 2019 Actually Helping Farmers Golf Outing.

MERCH We also have a ton of new stuff at Bad Kick Drinking Shirts which will make a perfect Father’s Day present.

TAILGATE TOUR Scott Dochterman from The Athletic wraps up the Cyclone Tailgate Tour after completing it’s 13th edition in eastern Iowa.

RECRUIT Florida receiver Aidan Bitter has been hearing from Iowa State quite a bit in the early part of his recruitment.

JUMPING BACK IN After Minnesota SDE Aaron Witt decommitted from the Gophers, the Cyclones immediately jumped back into his recruitment after being on him from the beginning.

CHANGING THE GAME Iowa State and the New England Patriots are changing the way teams play defense, and it could be the future of football as the NFL heads to a more pass-heavy game.

TOP 25 For the first time ever, Iowa State is featured in Athlon’s Preseason Top 25.

STANLEY CUP Here’s a full preview for the Stanley Cup Finals between St. Louis and Boston.

THE BROW Is Anthony Davis’ best shot at joining a “Big 3” in New Orleans, or somewhere else?

TOO GOOD St. Thomas (MN) just got kicked out of their own conference (MIAC) for being too good at sports.

KAWHI A real estate mogul in Toronto offered Kawhi Leonard a free penthouse if he re-signs with the Raptors this offseason.

BIG BLUE Juwan Howard has been hired as Michigan’s head coach. How will it affect recruiting in Ann Arbor?

WBBQNBA Plan the perfect summer barbecue, and we’ll find you a WNBA team to cheer for.