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Mid-Morning Dump: STOP RAINING

Don’t think it’s ever going to stop!

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DPNL. La’Michael Pettway and Jay Jordan jump on Down the Pipe & Natty Lite.

DARIEN PORTER SCOUTING REPORT. He’s got some speed and it will be a fun thing to watch.

ACTUALLY HELPING FARMERS GOLF OUTING. Don’t forget to get your team of four ready for the first ever Actually Helping Farmers Golf Outing.

MATT CAMPBELL NO LONGER THE ROOKIE. Campbell talks Big 12 rookies after a mass exit of coaches last year.

TYRESE INVITED TO USA CAMP. Tyrese will get a shot to prove himself at team USA Camp this summer.

SHAYOK WORKS OUT WITH THE JAZZ. Shayok got his shot to show off for the Jazz yesterday.

EQUIPTMENT SALE! If you want the full blown Iowa State jersey, get to the equipment sale on June 1st.

GOLF! Tripp Kinney begins his NCAA tournament run today.

GIANNIS NO READY TO STOP. Down 3-2, the Bucks aren’t ready to fold.

NO ALL-NBA TEAM. Klay Thompson was surprised to miss the All-NBA team.

TAMPERING! Lebron out here already recruiting guys to save his time in L.A.

YOUR MOVE AARON. Matt Stafford put Rodger’s beer chug to shame.