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The Mid-Morning Dump: Three Pretty Good Cyclones

Sorry, no name the band today, I’m not as creative as Levi.


SLUGGIN’ SAMI. Softball American named the junior an Honorable Mention All-American yesterday.

MÖSTL AND MIDDLETON. Alexa Middleton signed with the Visby Ladies (SWE).

BUTLER PRODUCT. Iowa State has landed a 6’4”, three years to play three years, wide-out who was considering our professional friends in Morgantown, or, here.

GOLF NEWS. Another great season was had by Coach Tank and the Boys.

18 GAMES? NFL owners are pushing for that, apparently, per Bleacher Report.

49ERS RECOGNIZE THE LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITY. LGBTQIA+ fans have been publicly embraced by the San Fran team, and have some pretty cool things coming up for Pride.

BIG OOF. A look at the collapse of the Jets, it’s a good thing Iowa State has never had a collapse.