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The Mid Morning Dump: Bruins Force Game 7

Oh, and the Warriors are in trouble too.

THAT’S FAST Festus Lagat is the latest Cyclone to become an All-American.

PLAYOFF OR BUST We’d settle for the Sugar Bowl too.

CAP CITY POWER RANKINGS Jared Stansbury was in charge for the week at CycloneFanatic and ranked the Cap City League teams.

BORING CITY, FUN GAME The Bruins blew out the Blues 5-1 to send the series to a game 7.

TROUBLE IN PARADISE The Raptors dominated the Dubs in Oakland behind a 36 point performance by Kawhi Leonard to take a 3-1 lead.

APPLE TIME I wish this was real.

CRANKED There was a 507-foot home run in the minors, yes 507 feet.

GET WELL PAPI David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic last night.