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The Mid-Morning Dump: At What Cost Edition

Golden State eked out a win, but the loss of KD makes the win seem tarnished.



WISE BEYOND HER YEARS. Maddie Wise is looking to take a huge step forward in terms of production for women’s basketball this fall.

VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE RELEASED. The NIVC Champs look to take on teams like UCF on the road and Penn State at home this season.

THE REVENGE OF THE HELMET FLIPPERS? The women’s soccer team is going to travel to Memphis on September 20, find out the rest of their Fall 2019 schedule here!

NEW KANSAS GRAD TRANSFER. Hoping to follow in the steps of the Lawson brothers, Isaiah Moss has transferred to fKansas University.

IF YOU’RE READING THIS... The USWNT is taking on/has taken on Thailand. Here’s why this game and the one against Chile matters a little, unless it goes very poorly.