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Wide Right & Natty Litecast: Bold Football Predictions

We snuck some ISU talk in here somewhere

In the latest installment of the Wide Right & Natty Litecast, CYHusker and Mathias did their best to talk about Iowa State.

Though they found that task to be rather arduous, an interesting discussion on running style and the improvement of the offensive line did break out. Bold football predictions were also given, including one for Brock Purdy that would be incredibly fascinating to watch play out in 2019.

In addition, Matthias and CYHusker broke down the NBA Finals, and shed light on the spooky-looking inflatable Toronto Raptor mascot. Also discussed was the new basketball at a certain team located in southeast Nebraska, as well as the differences in recruiting to Ames and that certain capital city in the state to our immediate west.