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The Mid-Morning Dump: USWNT Dominance

Did the U.S. Women go too far?

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TEXAS TRIO Three big Texas targets are scheduled to visit this summer, headlined by Daniel Jackson, a high three-star receiver that could end up as a four-star by the end of his senior season.

D-TRAIN Gil Brandt is predicting a BIG year for David Montgomery.

SOCCER Iowa State Women’s Soccer released their 2019 schedule yesterday.

THE APPRENTISS Prentiss Nixon will need to develop into a big time scorer this offseason to help replace Marial Shayok, THT, and Lindell Wigginton.

HYPE TRAIN Phil Steele really likes Iowa State heading into next season, predicting them to finish as good as 11-1.

USWNT The United States Women’s National Team dominated Thailand 13-0 in their first World Cup game, but some people think they should have let off the gas. Here’s why it’s a good thing they didn’t.

BROW-SING Anthony Davis may end up as a Boston Celtic next season, but Rich Paul says he would be just a one-year rental.

DOWN AND OUT After his title fight loss, Anthony Joshua may be retiring from boxing altogether.

HARD KNOCKS The Oakland Raiders will be the subject of this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

TROUBLE IN CHI-TOWN The Chicago Blackhawks struggled this season amid an aging core and salary cap issues, but do they have help waiting in the youth ranks?