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The Mid Morning Dump: AD joins the Lakeshow

Welcome to the NBA offseason.

LOOKIN GOOD Tyrese is repping that Red, White, & Blue in Colorado Springs.

CAP CITY ACTION The rest of the basketball team kicked off the Cap City League last night, check out @Cade4ISU on Twitter for highlights.

BRIDGET The most noteworthy thing to happen this week related to Canada.

KU FBALL Our Commander in Chief, Levi, joined the Rock Chalk Podcast to discuss KU and ISU Football in the upcoming season.

LABROW The Lakers and Pelicans pulled off a blockbuster trade that results in Anthony Davis headed to California and Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram headed to the Big Easy.

GAREBARE Gary Woodland held off a late surge from Brooks Koepka to win his first US Open.

FUN GUY Kawhi might actually be human.