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The Mid-Morning Dump: Day Before the Draft

The NBA Draft is on Thursday, and Iowa State could see it’s newest first-round pick.

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APPRENTISS We can thank Larry Eustachy, in part, for Prentiss Nixon transferring to Iowa State.

TYTHREES Tyrese Haliburton made it through the first cuts for the USA U19 FIBA World Cup Team.

THT It seems like THT has fallen on draft boards since the start of individual workouts, but USA Today still has him going 30th to Milwaukee.

ICYMI How Iowa State became a launchpad for NBA talent.

KYRIE Per basically everyone that matters, Kyrie Irving is probably headed to the Brooklyn Nets.

ORIGINS Ja Morant is headed for NBA stardom, but he’s not forgetting his humble beginnings.

CELTICS COMING APART Along with Kyrie leaving, Al Horford is expected to depart Boston, as the franchise appears to be coming apart at the seams.

MARTA Brazil’s Marta passed Miroslav Klose to become to the all-time leading World Cup goal scorer, men or women.