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The Mid-Morning Dump: Leathing On A Jet Plane

Probably won’t be back again.

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GOLF OUTING! July 20th is coming up fast! Don’t forget to sign up today!

FOR THE BENCH! Our newest writer Ryan pours one out for the bench guys!

GONE AGAIN! Auburn couldn’t get Leath on a plane quick enough. He is no longer at Auburn.

CYHAWK Heartland College Sports has the CyHawk game listed as the second-best nonconference game in the Big 12.

TAKE TWO. Matt Campbell will once again take two QBs in a recruiting class.

CYCLONES INK DEALS. Nick Babb and Lindell Wigginton have found themselves a summer league home.

U.S. WOMEN DON’T CARE. The media is playing the short rest card for the U.S. Women at the World Cup, they don’t care.

SPAIN DONE MESSED UP. Spain is talking a ton of smack before their match against the U.S. Women.

METS MAD! Mets pitcher Jason Vargas apparently wanted to fight a reporter after the game on Sunday.

BAEZ SAVES THE DAY. The Mets guy was probably a little upset at this bomb.

NBA RUMORS! Here are ten guys that may be on the NBA trade block.