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The Mid-Day Dump: 23 to 6

Lebron has given up #23


GOLF OUTING! Be sure to sign up for the Actually Helping Farmers Golf Outing!

FILM REVIEW. Here is a break down of Iowa State’s newest recruits.

LOOKING AHEAD. A look ahead to Iowa State’s final nonconference opponent, ULM.

MEET THE ROOKIES. The Chicago Bears spotlighted David Montgomery and his journey to the NFL.

PASS! George Conditt passed on the opportunity to play with team Puerto Rico.

COACHES CHALLENEGES. The NBA will experiment with coaches challenges.

LEBRON THE NICE GUY. Lebron is going to give up #23 to Anthony Davis.

KARA LAWSON TO CELTICS. Kara Lawson becomes the 8th woman to coach in the NBA.

STARTERS! Here are this years MLB All Star Game starters.