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Cap City League Draft Recap and Roster Breakdown

The best way to get your summer basketball fix.

For 16 years, it’s been a rite of passage for members of the Iowa State men’s basketball team to play in the YMCA Cap City summer league. Teams in this league are made up of 2 Iowa State players, 2 Drake players, and players with area connections from local colleges or high schools. There will be plenty of points and up-and-down the court action.

This year carries a lot of intrigue for Iowa State. Next season’s Cyclones are still under construction after a flurry of transfers and commitments in recent weeks, and with the surprise departure of Lindell Wigginton, the defending Big 12 tournament champions have a lot of offensive production to replace. For many fans, this league will be the first opportunity to see the newcomers in live action and set expectations for the winter. With the conclusion this weekend’s draft, let’s break down the teams and players to watch.



Solomon Young (Iowa State)

Zion Griffin (Iowa State)

Tremell Murphy (Drake)

Samm Jones (Drake)

Jordan Johnson (Mount Mercy)

Kourtlin Jackson (ex-Iowa State & Southern Miss)

Nate Gehring (William Penn)

Adam Jackson (Hoover High School)

Daniel Geistler (St. Cloud State)

Kenny Quinn (Hoover High School)

Who To Watch

It’s been a rough year for Solomon Young, but all indications are that he’ll be healthy and able to play this summer. Young’s reputation is as a strong interior defender, but how will his offensive game look as he’s matured? Zion Griffin should get a chance to play a huge role for this team, and fans should pay attention to how he’s developed after a year in the basketball program. From the non-Iowa State ranks, Kourtlin Jackson is liable to score 60 points in one of these games.



Rasir Bolton (Iowa State)

Marcedus Leech (Iowa State)

Antonio Pilipovic (Drake)

Joseph Yesufu (Drake)

Ty Autry (DMACC)

Matt Schneidermann (UNI)

Deng Deng (Hibbing CC)

Jaden Kephart (Iowa Central)

Jal Bijieck (North Dakota)

Casey Kleemeier (Winterset High School)

Who To Watch

This team could be the most fun to watch, as there is so much unknown associated with it. Rasir Bolton announced his transfer to Iowa State less than a week ago. His playing status for this year is still up in the air, but the former Penn State Nittany Lion seems confident that he’ll be ruled eligible. Bolton comes in as a 38 percent 3 point shooter that can provide some much needed playmaking. Leech is even more of an unknown. His high school career was derailed by injuries, but he’s a former 5-star athlete with as much upside as anybody on the current roster.



George Conditt IV (Iowa State)

Tre Jackson (Iowa State)

Okay Djamgouz (Drake)

Brady Ernst (Drake)

Jordan Stotts (Sioux Falls)

Luke TerHark (Wayne State)

Carlos Williams (DMACC)

Vick Fuller (Silver Lake College)

Bowen Sandquist (Midland)

Jordan Kumm (Ankeny High School)

Who To Watch

The most interesting aspect of this team will be how George Conditt looks on the offensive end of the court. The young big man should dominate the league defensively, but will he be able to score in the post? Tre Jackson comes in as a top 200 recruit. How does he look setting up his big man? And how effectively can he create his own offense? Brady Ernst returns as a blast from the past. The one-time Cyclone is back in Iowa after transferring from Florida Gulf Coast. He’ll be a key player for Drake in 2019.



Michael Jacobson (Iowa State)

Caleb Grill (Iowa State)

Jonah Jackson (Drake)

Garrett Sturtz (Drake)

N’Faly Dante (Sunrise Academy)

Adam Reiter (Simpson)

John Herrick (DMACC)

Daric Laing (MW Missouri State)

Mark Currie (ex-Iowa State)

Riley McCoy (Grandview)

Who To Watch

Caleb Grill, a 6’3” incoming freshman from Maize, Kansas, committed to Iowa State in May after reopening his recruitment. Grill will be the most intriguing member of this team for Iowa State fans, as we haven’t seen him in action yet. He should be able to carve out a role as a scoring guard, and it will be exciting to see how well he acclimates with his senior teammate. Jacobson returns after starting all 35 games for Iowa State last year and averaging 11.1 points and 5.9 rebounds per game. He’s expected to be a team leader and should put up big numbers this summer. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this team is the inclusion of N’Faly Dante. Dante is a 6’10” center and a 5-star prospect ranked 8th overall in the 2020 class. He has yet to make a college decision but could still reclassify into the 2019 class and is a potential lottery pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Iowa State could still have a shot at him if he stays in the 2020 class. How many games will he be around for and well will he perform in this league? His future should come into focus within the next couple of weeks.



Prentiss Nixon (Iowa State)

Luke Anderson (Iowa State)

Liam Robbins (Drake)

Nate Ferguson (Drake)

Malachi Canada (Southwest CC)

Kylique Lipscombe (Southwest New Mexico)

Kobe Moriarty (Saydel High School)

Jocoa Kerschen (Benedine College)

Easton Darling (Winterset High School)

Austin Roth (Coe)

Who To Watch

Prentiss Nixon was the first pick of the draft, is eligible to play this season after transferring from Colorado State. He scored 16.1 points per game to lead Colorado State in 2017-2018, and is expected to play a key role as a point guard for the Cyclones. Luke Anderson is worth keeping an eye on as he prepares for his freshman season in Ames. The 3-star recruit is notable for his versatility and ability to handle the ball and shoot 3s with a 6’8” frame. Seeing how Nixon and Anderson co-exist with Robbins, a 7’0” big man from Drake, will be worth monitoring as well.



Terrence Lewis (Iowa State)

Javan Johnson (Iowa State)

Issa Samake (Drake)

Connor Gholson (Drake)

Reed Mells (Truman State)

Conor Riordan (Simpson)

Ryan Schmitt (DMACC)

Al Campbell (Iowa Central)

Andrew Gibb (St. Edmond Catholic)

Jeremiah Chandler (New Mexico JC)

Who To Watch

Javan Johnson announced his transfer to Iowa State in May, and while he’ll have to sit out this season, it will be worth watching how well he shoots the ball in live action. Johnson averaged 10.4 points per game at Troy last season while shooting 35 percent from 3 on 5 attempts per game. Terrence Lewis is back with a chance to lead the league in scoring. Lewis should have a chance to play a more significant role in his junior season after the draft decisions of Talen Horton-Tucker and Lindell Wigginton.

Games start on June 16th. Follow @yCapCity on Twitter for more info and check out the action in person if you have a free Sunday afternoon.