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The Mid-Morning Dump: Two More Years (At Least!) of AHF > ANF

More CyHawk bickering!


CyHawk 2025. ¡El Assico! has been extended for another two years, no word if Fran or Kirk got extensions yet.

CYCLONEVB GOES SOUTH. The Johnson-Lynch squad is taking on the Argentina National Team and Peru National Team over the next couple days, as well as the University of San Juan.

MEN’S NCAA TRACK PREVIEW. Keep an eye on the 4x400 relay and the 800m run.

WOMEN’S NCAA TRACK PREVIEW. Sophomore Amanda Vestri headlines the three Cyclone women running this week for the chance to be a national champion.

BRASILWNT IS BORING. BUT, France, USA, Germany and Holland will be teams to watch for the Women’s World Cup!

TOP 7 NFL REVENGE GAMES. After reading this, what, if any Cyclone games come to mind?

HOW TO FIX A BROKEN SCRIPPS SPELLING BEE. I’m a big fan of step five, and for those of you that know me, will know immediately why.