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Recruit Scouting Report: Corey Suttle

A big fella to add to Iowa State’s front seven.

Next up in our recruiting series is Corey Suttle, a 6’4 and 240 pound defensive end from Jefferson City, MO. Suttle is listed as a three star, and the 36th best strong-side defensive end in the 2019 class by 247sports.

Suttle will be joining Iowa State’s strongest unit, the defensive line. I already looked at another incoming freshman on the line, Blake Peterson, who will be joining a loaded front with Ray Lima, Jaquan Bailey, Enyi Uwazurike, Matt Leo, and others. Suttle has the opportunity to step into a position group that has changed the culture of Iowa State with leadership and toughness. The experience that the upperclassmen have should be huge for freshman like Suttle.

He will be moving on campus very soon to participate in summer camp to earn his spot on the team for his freshman season.


Suttle plays on the strong side of the defense, matching up against a lot of tight ends and tackles. Obviously, he uses brute strength to get through the line. But when he’s outmatched by size or strength, he can rely on his good technique. He shows the ability to maneuver his way through the line with a variety of moves throughout his film.

Speed is also a huge part of his game. His quickness and speed is shown off on options and quarterback scrambles.


On this play Suttle is picked up by a smaller fullback who actually does a good job of holding his ground. However, Suttle does a good job of getting his hands outside the shoulder pads of the blocker which allows him to get away from him pretty easily. The whole defense does a good job of collapsing on the running back by staying home, including Suttle.

The technique and strength Suttle uses here is a great indication of the type of player he can be at Iowa State.

Suttle uses his raw strength on this play by bullying an offensive lineman that’s pretty similar in size. Suttle doesn’t get very low, which is something he can work on, but it didn’t matter on this play because he uses his upper body strength to push the lineman back. The rest of the defensive line forces the pocket to collapse, which forces the quarterback to scramble. Because Suttle drove his opponent so far back, he was in position to break off of him and show off his speed in chasing down the quarterback.

Suttle may not have the best 40 yard dash, but his acceleration in the short field and ability to change directions quickly is a huge asset that I’m sure Jon Heacock will find a way to use the skill as best as possible.

This a simple read option play where Suttle was left unblocked, forcing him to make a decision. He chose the running back and the quarterback kept it, as he should’ve. Usually this would take the defensive end out of the play, but in this case, thanks to his quickness, Suttle was able to recover and get to the quarterback.

Once Suttle steps onto campus, he will already be one of the most athletic players on the defensive line. His ability to explode off of the line and change direction like it’s nothing is what makes him an intriguing player. If he can continue to improve on his technique, the sky is the limit for him.

Player Comparison

Brian Burns played for Florida State before being drafted in the first round by the Carolina Panthers. He is a very athletic defensive end who can rush the quarterback, but also excels in containing while stopping the run. He has a very similar build to Corey Suttle and plays a very similar style to Suttle. Burns was one of the best defensive ends in the country last season. I don’t necessarily expect Suttle to be that good at any point during his career, but I think that Suttle can play a similar type of game and make a big impact on the line much like Burns did throughout college.


Suttle fits into Jon Heacock’s defense like a glove. His three-man front defensive scheme favors more athletic defensive ends who can contain the scramble. He showed during his film that he has the ability to take on bigger lineman by out-finessing them, but also has the ability to out-muscle people and even draw a double team. Once he gets to the level of drawing double teams, that’s where Heacock’s defense reaches its peak.

Final Verdict

It’s no secret that Matt Campbell recruits for fit over talent. During this series, every single player has fit the scheme and formula perfectly. Corey Suttle is no exception. Not only is he a good fit, but he boasts a tremendous amount of upside. The raw talent he has can’t be taught, but he still has a ton of room to grow. I have 100% faith that Coach Campbell and Coach Heacock will help blossom Suttle into a great piece on the defensive line.

Now in terms of this upcoming season, I can’t imagine that Suttle sees the field enough to burn his redshirt. The depth on the defensive line is one of the strength’s of this team, but that doesn’t allow a ton of room for freshman to play. However, a full season learning behind the best group on the team will be huge for him.