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The Mid Morning Dump: Happy Free Agency

NBA free agency started yesterday and it’s NUTS.

HE’S REALLY GOOD Look at our guy Tyrese in Greece.

TAKE THE TIME Here’s some highlights from Tyrese in the FIBA U19 Tournament, it’s definitely worth the watch.

‘CROOTIN Our friends at Heartland College Sports threw together a piece on some of Iowa State’s 2021 targets.

THAT’S NET FAIR Kryie, KD, and Deandre Jordan are all headed to Brooklyn.

LOADING TO CALI Deangelo Russell shocked everyone by choosing Golden State as his new team.

I’M TAKING MY TALENTS TO SOUTH BEACH Well I’m not, but Jimmy Butler is.

THERE’S A LOT Check out all the other transactions that happened here.

HE’S REALLY STUPID Pedro Strop and Yasiel Puig don’t like each other.

IT’S NOT COMING HOME Hopefully it’s not, for our ladies’ sake. They will face England in the World Cup Semifinal.