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PSA: City of Ames Increases Illegal Parking Fines on Game Days

The City of Ames has issued 531 signs to warn you of game day illegal parking fine increases.

A traffic sign (white rectangle, black text) that reads “Fines Increased. Football Game Day. 6:00AM-Midnight. Municipal Code 18.7A”
One of the 531 “Fines Increased” signs the City of Ames has installed. This one is on Kildee Drive facing Beach Road. Photo taken July 11, 2019.
Jared Larson/Wide Right & Natty Lite

On February 26th, Mayor John Haila passed Ordinance #4379 which increases the illegal parking on side-streets adjacent to Jack Trice Stadium and the surrounding area from $20 ($15 if paid within seven days of ticket) to $40 ($35 if paid within seven days of ticket) from 6 a.m. to midnight on game days.

While I can’t tell you what this season’s grass lot cost will be yet, I can tell you last year it was $20 to park legally and safely on grass lots.

This map, per the City of Ames, shows where you should avoid parking unless you want to incur a friendly “please read carefully” envelope on your windshield.