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The Mid-Morning Dump: Iowa State Takes the Podium at Big 12 Media Days Today

Oh, and we got a really good commit yesterday evening.

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MEDIA DAY SCHEDULE. Interested in today’s happening in Dallas? Here’s the schedule.

SINGLETON MORE LIKE THIRDLETON. Look, I don’t know math, but what I do know is Willis Singleton, when he signs to be a Cyclone will be the third Singleton in school history.

NICE PIECE ON DESHAUNTE AND KEONTE. Birch has a good piece on how the Jones brothers honor their father before every game.

QUESTION. Would you, the reader of this WRNL dump, be interested in historic, Cyclone related video content here on WRNL?

GRAYSON ALLEN, ICK. Once a dirty player, always a dirty player

IF YOU HAVE THE ATHLETIC. . . . . . This is required reading from me to you.