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The Mid-Morning Dump: Successful Canada Day Edition

Oh, and yours truly is getting bored, maybe long as heck articles coming soon?


MACHINE BREAKER. Ray Lima is on the Lott IMPACT Trophy Watch List.

PRESEASON POLLS, SHMRESEASON SHMOLLS. Our volleyball team is expected to finish fourth in the Big 12 this fall.

ICY AND WIGGY. ICYMI, Matt Thomas has joined Lindell Wigginton in the 6ix.

COCO > VENUS. Gauff, a 15 year old who idolized the Williams sisters, knocked off Venus yesterday at Wimbledon.

TOP 15 NBA FREE AGENTS REMAINING. From Rajon Rondo to Kawhi Leonard, here’s the Top 15 er, 14 free agents left.

KINDNESS? AT THE WORLD CUP? Stephanie Yang explains from France, on her iPhone, the community that surrounds the World Cup en France.