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The Mid-Morning Dump: New Video Series

Yes, I am tooting my own horn.


JIM THORPE AWARD WATCH LIST. Eisworth II has caught the attention of the best DB in the country award giver.

JOENS PWNS KOREANS. In 11 minutes, she got two points, four rebounds and a steal.

#AMESHIGHPRIDE. Colin Newell has caught the eyes of the Rimington Trophy folk.

#AMESHIGHPRIDE PT. 2 Eric Steyer has been named to the NABC Honors Court, along with a kid from Waukee.

TIGHT END U. Kolar made it to the Mackey Award Watch List.

Before you lot of TOEers chime in, yes, I know Wieting is on the list, I read it in its entirety.


NFL TRAINING CAMP IS LIKE... The first day of school, per Geoff Schwartz.

“NEW” SWEATERS For the North Dakota Fighting Hawks

WAKE FOREST GRAD GETS PAID. Learn more about the NBA coaching moves in San Antonio here.