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The Mid-Morning Dump: How is football not here yet?

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At least Madden comes out next week.

SOLID VERBAL Three Iowa State players were named to The Solid Verbal’s “Dude” List.

TIGHT END The tight ends figure to be a pretty important piece of the offense this fall.

RECRUITING What does the ideal 2020 recruiting class look like for Iowa State basketball?

TROUT After becoming baseball’s best player almost immediately upon entering the league, Mike Trout is getting even better, and is finally a true “five tool” player.

POWER Take a look at the first Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings of the new season.

REBOUND After a rough start to the season, the Cardinals have started to rebound, but the

THE CLAW During his introductory press conference for the Clippers, Kawhi Leonard said he came very close to signing with the Lakers or Raptors.

AD Adrian Peterson is in significant debt after ‘trusting the wrong people.’